My Web publications from the first half of 2016

Posted on Wed 15 June 2016 in publications

I've been writing quite a few articles / tutorials in the first part of this year. Here is a list of them, not really in a specific order:

It was followed by two others, which are part of a series called "how to integrate docker in your CI/CD pipelines":

I also wrote several times on the blog of my favorite cloud provider Exoscale:

  • As a big fan of the mighty Ansible, I wrote on how to use it to deploy webservers on their platform.
  • Because I think the documentation on how to use cloudstack API is not explanotory enough, I did this little cheatsheet of cs command.
  • Oh and also something that should help you keep your cloud infrastructure safe: create a Bastion!

I hope you'll find some useful infos there. But of course it is also serving as a personnal reminder !

Hopefully I can keep at the same pace for the rest of the year :-)